Where's my ID?

We’ve all been there, patiently waiting to board the aircraft only to be stopped behind the one person who doesn’t have their ID. It’s a mystery to me why anyone would venture to an airport to get on a flight to somewhere without having any or the proper identification on them.  I have seen many times good people denied boarding for several reasons.


  • Packed in the suitcase.
    • Why would you pack your wallet in your suitcase?  What happens if the suitcase goes missing for a variety of reasons?
  • Expired ID
    • Any government issued ID must be current and up to date.  Yes, you might have to pay those outstanding parking tickets.
  • No ID
    • In this day and age everyone needs to have some form go government ID, get with the times.
  • Wrong name on ID
    • So you don’t like the name your parents gave you,  either you change your name legally or live with the embarrassment and teasing from your travel mates. 


Check with your airline, They will inform you of the ID requirements needed to travel in your country and out of your country.  ID rules are always changing so its best to check with your airline.  Remember the ladies and gentlemen at the gate are not there to specifically ruin your day, they are just doing their job.  The rules are strict and the penalties to the airlines can be harsh. 


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