Luggage Tags

Filling them out - Useful or a waste of time?

You bought the perfect tag to match your suitcase and personality, the question is do you fill out your personal information or leave it blank?

I did a quick google search for the term “luggage tag” I got back about 13,300,000 results.  On Amazon, the results are smaller, but still a staggering 251,208.  Luggage tags are big business.  So why if there is a luggage tag for every favourite colour, sports team or cartoon character, is the information card left blank?  It’s the same as mailing a letter without a return address.  

We’ve all heard the scare tactics of not sharing any personal information, and you may be afraid the guy in the airline bag room will read your information and now knows you're on vacation. Yes, there is always a chance someone can grab your information and use is for less than professional reasons, but the cab driver who picked you up, or your travel agent also know about your upcoming trip could also have nefarious plans too.

You need to fill out something, but what personal info do you fill in?  At the very least put on your last name, it's up to you if you choose to use your full first name or just an initial. A contact phone number should as be added at the very least.  Not your home number, but a number you can be reached at the majority of time.  We all have cell phones and we all take them on vacation.  An email address can also be helpful for those trying to return your bag to you.  


I tag all my bags.  The suitcase I check in, my carryon, and my briefcase or backpack.  All the tags have my name, my cell phone number, and my email.  

What do you do?  Leave your comments below.  Have a travel trip.